60 Isaiah Part 2 (9)

The glory of God

Isaiah 49:1-6(2)
Apostle  26:17-23
T Priest country Israel

 We heard two messages of this prophet from 49:1-6 at the last time. One, God called the name of a servant, is that a plangent desire of God who tries to call us from the crime is loaded, there, and another one is that the servant abandons power and correctness of God. And, while tracing a thorny road he becomes our salvation from the crime. Thorny overture, this is the second song of a servant. We will hear two messages told here, this morning.

 The first is from a place called "You are My Servant, Israel,"(3). There is it with "Israel", but it does not point at historical racial Israel (You may say it, a Jew), and this servant is called "Israel". Why it is Israel? For it, it is necessary to know relation with Jew and God. As you know, they clashed with Rome in AD70 year (called the times of the large revolt), and lost their country, and they were scattered to all over the world during almost 2000 years as people of roam. But strangely, in 1948, without doing race collapse they built Israel republic in Palestine the same as old days. This was an event unique in history. It was because they survived this roam of 2000 proudly as "selected people of God". The world race for them was two kinds of "the chosen people" and "a foreigner". For them, foreigner is not simply a foreigner, and it points at all races except a Jew. It has a meaning with the people who do not know God and separated from God distantly. They, the Jew, was chosen as a country of the priest to lead such a foreigner to God. The reason why they are called "the selected people of God" is there. There is it this way in Exodus. "You shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation."(19:6).

 However, they, the Jew, lost their country without achieving duty of the priest, with cling to the pride that was lost meaning named the selected people. A rebuilt Israeli republic is only repeating itself in fight, and leaves from "a country of priest" distantly where God expected. This servant succeeded a mission of the priest country of Israel that they had lost the sight of.

UAs a light of foreigner

 This is the reason that this servant was called "You are Israel.". This servant was the One put up for the mission, "To raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved ones of Israel; I will also make You a light of the nations, so that My salvation may reach to the end of the earth."(6). Jacob and Israel said to here hint at the historical race of Jew, but there is it "to restore the preserved of Jacob", perhaps it will point at the return from Babylon captivity attacking them before long. As for God, it is still worried about them. It will be the faithful of God. Even if how they are insincere, no, simply because they are insincere, the salvation is still more necessary, I think. And it seems also that they just occur at the same time to us.

 When the Jew was insincere for God, we cannot rebuke them. Insincerity is able to paraphrase as non-faith (The ideal method that he is separated from God distantly, and does not recognize God, as a result, he loses a heart to be afraid of God, builds the self-central world, and runs about for greed and arrogance), and we of a foreigner are far remote people from God than them. And non-faith of our modern people is an intolerable thing, and there was even the times that theologians bragged "God died". A crime was to "exclude a mark", but, our heart created by God and originally evacuated to God, had be evacuated it in convenience and the greed that was surrounded by many things named "a modern mark". As a result that money came to occupy a seat of God, various distortions were born, and there became markedly many crime and accident and disasters (a man-made disaster). Because "And because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold."(Matthew 24:12) and the words of Jesus show a state of the end, but it may be said that the present age gets closer to that situation.

 This servant was put up to pull back us of foreigner covered with such a crime to God. He will be God person / the Messiah who has been called High priest / The Lord of atonement / The mediator, from a long time. Is not He Himself really Jesus on a cross? Testimony of Isaiah, "You are My Servant, Israel," it will be said that it is his confession who looks forward to the One.

V The glory of God

 I want to hear one more message told here. It is from "In Whom I will show My glory."(3). It will be supplement this in detail, "I will also make You a light of the nations so that My salvation may reach to the end of the earth."(6).

 Will it grow 30-40 years ago? Isaiah told once, "He shall make it glorious, by ... Galilee of the Gentiles. The people who walk in darkness will see a great light;"(9:1-2), "For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us;"(9:6). And he testified in birth of the One (the Messiah) called Immanuel, but now, will he remember it? So that time, south Judah kingdom was going to bind together an alliance with Assyria under King Ahaz to check invasion of Silja/Ephraim allied forces somehow. That Assyria demands a tribute from Ahaz. South kingdom was gradually cornered in the critical situation, and prophet made a proposal to King, "(In the trust to God) Take care, and be calm, have no fear and do not be fainthearted"(Isaiah 7:4), but, King was not going to hear it though the One whom he should trust was God. And a way of non-faith spread among people. The north kingdom was already ruined, but the reason was because it lost sight of God in the same way as this south kingdom, and it did remote step from justice. Darkness as same as Galilee is going to visit south kingdom now. Then it passes for 30-40 years, and when he is writing this Part 2, Isaiah will feel that darkness spreads all over the world as well as south kingdom. Besides, it is felt that present age is same as for it which becomes darkness at awful speed, also. Isaiah (and other prophets too) accuses crimes of many foreign countries, Egypt, Tyre (Lebanon), Tarsish (Spain), Damscus (Syria), and he tells also sharp warning against the countries not paying attention to God at all.

 However, a message to us of foreigners is not only an accusation of a crime. It is told about hope of it. It may say that the message has been inherited that prophets followed one genealogy. "I will also make You a light of the nation, so that My salvation may reach to the end of the earth.", and there is it. The glory of God shines in the salvation of foreigner. Isaiah is going to close the second song of a servant by these two messages of God. And these messages color Chapter 66, the last Isaiah, too. "The time is coming to gather all nations and tongues. And I will set a sign among them and will send survivors from them to the nations:"(66:18). As for it, don't you hear as if it shouts that the promise of salvation of God points last arrival point of a message of prophet? For such us!