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12 Elisha(6)

God is the center of this event

UKings 5:1-14
Mark 5:27-28
T There is a prophet of God

 It is from the place that prophet Elisha healed Aramic general Naaman. Because it is a long article as same as an article of a woman of Shunem of Chapter 4, I think that a special message of editors' description of Kings would be put here.

 Aram is Syria of the present, and it locates in the Israeli north, and it has the relationship that does not die out of war in antagonism in all ages. Naaman was the famous admiral who often gained victory by those war. For that general, Syria King wrote a letter "asking for" to Israeli King by oneself, and Naaman prepared for ten silver Taranto, gold 60,000 shequel, best clothes 10 and a frightful present as a gift to Elisha. Ten silver Taranto, it was because silver had value than gold, but, if a man had ten silver Taranto, because one Taranto was an amount of money, he was a millionaire in those days. For Naaman to trust, it would be the thing which Syria King send.

 Naaman would try a way in many places and every treatment either, but there was not the effect till now. This story began from words of one girl serving his wife had been brought as a captive from Israel. She would get good care by Mr. and Mrs. Naaman, and she would worry about his disease seriously. "I wish that my master were with the prophet who is in Samaria! Then he would cure him of his leprosy."(3) Naaman who exhausted myriad plan would have heard an Israeli prophet. He listened to words of a girl and demanded permission to go to Israel from King. "Go now, and I will send a letter to the king of Israel."(5) However, it seemed not to have been written about the prophet in that letter, and when Naaman carried a letter with him and arrived at Israel, Israeli King was angry and grieved. "Am I God, to kill and to make alive, that this man is sending word to me to cure a man of his leprosy? But consider now, and see how he is seeking a quarrel against me."(7) However, Elisha who heard embarrassment of King told to let Naaman come to him, "Now let him come to me, and he shall know that there is a prophet in Israel.".

U The words of God

 However, when Naaman stood at an entrance of a house of Elisha, he was not going to meet and sent a messenger and said. "Go and wash in the Jordan seven times, and your flesh shall be restored to you and you shall be clean."(10) Naaman heard this, and was angry. "Behold, I thought, 'He will surely come out to me, and stand and call on the name of the Lord his God, and wave his hand over the place, and cure the leper.' Are not Abanah and Pharpar, the rivers of Damascus, better than all the waters of Israel?"(11-12) The rivers of <Amana and Pharpar> would be beautiful water in itself, or, because he was considerably a patriot, would he misunderstand it when water in itself of a river cured his illness? He also confused a magician and the magician who would be in the Syria with an Israeli prophet. Such an existence was not rare in ancient society, and a prophet of Baal that Elijah confronted it at Carmel mountain was the thing which was near in it. Naaman would pour considerable money into such people. It was common in those days. We cannot press it is wrong that he thought; "He will call on the name of the Lord his God and wave his hand over the place, and cure the leper.". Existence of the Israeli prophet who healed a person with a message (words) from God was rather a rare thing. However, in fact, words of a prophet (in other words, God) healed him. Elisha wanted Naaman / foreigner of Syria to know it. Therefore Elisha passed on only words without meeting him, but Naaman did not notice it.

 His retainers interceded with Naaman who started on its way home in anger. "My father, had the prophet told you to do some great thing, would you not have done it? How much more then, when he says to you, 'Wash, and be clean'?"(13) He was an expected general whom they served seriously. He received words of them and made a U-turn and dipped bodies seven times into the Jordan. Then his body recovered and became clean like a body of a baby. When I say the Jordan here, it seemed a prophet school of Gilgal became too small, and it moved to the bank of the Jordan. Only Gilgal close to the Jordan is mentioned in current Bible map.

V God is the center of this event

 It was what I mentioned last week, and because Elisha did not have the book which named his name, the editors gathered his records as hard as possible and picked up them here and was going to do an immortal thing a name of prophet Elisha. In that meaning, it may be said that this article is Elisha paean, too. However, it seems to hear messages more than it.

 Both king's names of Syria and north Israeli are omitted in this event, but, from a thing that Elisha went to Damascus in Chapter 8, it seems that it was in the late times of life of King Ben-Hadad of Syria and Israeli King Jehoram. Seven or eight years of prophet Elisha, it seems to have been the time when many wonders were performed. Above all, concerning healing of a general of the enemy country Syria, it became a long article of Elisha paean. However, it seems that editors let only words of Elisha appear here, and added really three distinction, an Israeli girl, a letter of Syria King and words of servants for him. Both of them were words of an intercession, in other words, it seems that messages more than Elisha praise were loaded this article with.

 The first message of editors was Elisha paean. There was a person who was so great in our country. And the second is that person was a prophet, and he was a person who had a special duty to pass on words of Yahweh, and such person was not in other races. When a prophet was in Israel, they continued having a pride to be a citizen of selection of only true God / Yahweh. Particularly, because the Northern Kingdom left David dynasty, it seems that they wanted to show further more they were the chosen people of God. The third is that the leading role of this Naaman story is Elisha, not Naaman, and I feel a claim of God Oneself that "I who healed him am the center of this event".

 In this story, three intermediacy which were added without any intention, an intercession of Israeli girl and Syria King and servants of Naaman, but in that rear, we can see Jesus who became an intercession for forgiving of our crime by Oneself. In the New Testament, healing of leprosy is a symbol showing Jesus. The article that leprosy moved to Gehazi (20-27), though it was considerably transformed, in the times when Messiah faith was about to bulge, but, it seems a thing added by faith of waiting eagerly for the atonement. This article of healing of Naaman is a message to us of the present age. We want to think it once again deeply that Jesus assumes our crime as a victim and died on a cross. There is it thus, "And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, 'And He was numbered with transgressors.'"(Mark 15:28). I wish that we want to take it well that God did it with deep intention for our salvation.